The Moment

“The ability to accessorize is what separates us from the lesser animals” - Dolly Parton in Steele Magnolias

Enjoy the moment.

A splash of color, a memory, a wonderful wearing, a time.

Re live, re love and remember.

Flower moments are fabulous.

Materials Needed:

Knit, cotton, silks - anything fabulous!

  • Moment 888Moment 888
  • Moment JE DenimMoment JE Denim
  • MomentMoment
  • Moment 3Moment 3
  • Moment JE YellowMoment JE Yellow
  • Moment WWT NecklaceMoment WWT Necklace
  • Moment 1Moment 1
  • Moment 2Moment 2
  • Moment 8Moment 8

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