Collection: Clothing: Women

Look What You Can Do!

You have a fine collection of clothes already in your closet that represents years of style, shopping, and living.

REVIGOR will remake items from that collection, still loved but no longer worn, into new and fabulous pieces.

  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - SideWrapity Wrap Dress - Side
  • Lisa B wears Haute CouverLisa B Wears Haute Couver Long
  • Double Flow - BackDouble Flow - Back
  • Revigor Wrap Dress: Charelene Barr Redesigned FashionCharlene B Wears Wrapity Wrap Dress
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - BackWrapity Wrap Dress - Back
  • Tiffany wears Haute Couver Long with Bucket BagTiffany wears Haute Couver Long with Bucket Bag
  • Haute Couver Short FrontSamantha wears Haute Couver Short
  • WWT AC NecklaceWWT AC Necklace
  • Wrapity Wrap Dress - CB BackWrapity Wrap Dress - CB Back
  • Double Flow - FrontDouble Flow - Front
  • Revigor Bucket Pouch Combo Orange Leather Recyled AccessoriesBucket Bag, Pouch Purse Combo
  • WWD Pandora 2WWD Pandora 2
  • Debra wears Haute CouverDebra wears Haute Couver Long Front
  • Debra wears Haute Couver: BackDebra wears Haute Couver Long Back
  • Revigor Bucket Bag Zebra Recycled Fashion LifestyleBucket Bag

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