REVIGOR = to create new life with old fashion

Judy loves her T shirts and their memories.

This Haute Couver is a compilation of years of memories of her and her husband's travel, appreciation of the arts, grandkids and her brave son's tour of duty in Iraq.

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my couver!!! When I look at it, it brings back a lot of wonderful memories...these tee shirts would have eventually ended up in a donation pile even though I probably would not have wanted it...too many treasured memories associated with them. For instance, the black vertical piece with my grandchildren’s handprints...this was given to my husband who is no longer with us. Also, the picture of Tolkien in a back panel (Dick was a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings...he read the books over 70 times!!!!). When I look at it, I see him wearing it with pride. Hawaii, folk dancing, cats, musicals, Nebraska volleyball, Desert Storm which a son was part of, a picture that a grandson did...I love them all. And with these Nebraska winters, what better to keep warm and comfy but to have a couver that means a whole lot!!!!” - JB

Judy Boohar's Revigor Haute Couver

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