Video of REVIGOR's Debut Fashion Show

Flickr Slideshow of REVIGOR's Debut Fashion Show

REVIGOR's debut fashion show, August 17, 2010 at Cornerstone Garden's Culture and the Country.

Very special thanks to the most amazing models in the land (in the order of their runway appearance):

  • Dr. Lisa Boohar
  • Lisa Patlis
  • Debra Amador
  • Shelley Alger
  • Rebecca Porteous
  • Amee Evans Godwin
  • Tiffany Shlain
  • Sally Steele
  • Janis Spivack
  • Matt Mollier
  • Jefferson Howery
  • Mark Pauline
  • Honorable Lynn Woolsey
  • JakeEddie Pauline
  • Eveyln Zacks

Shoes by Martha Davis

A very, very special thanks to the talented women who made Culture and the Country happen:
Kellee Young - Young Nomad
Mimi Knop - The Radiant Group
Alexa Glockner - Sotheby's International Realty
Rebecca Porteous
Teresa Raffo - Cornerstone Gardens

The magical media support of:
Anne Diggs - the designer extraordinaire responsible for Revigor logo and brand
Marty Ferrini -
Alex Lindsay - Pixel Corps
Margot Duane -
Karen Marcelo

All of the amazing stores and services at Cornerstone Sonoma including:
Food and Bar: Sage Fine Foods & Provisions
Wine: Roots in Sonoma

And most certainly and humbly with a bow of gratitude to the beautiful stage of:
Cornerstone Gardens

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