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REVIGOR = to create new life with old fashion

Amy Critchett Her Clothes. Her Story.

Amy Critchett loves life and clothes. She is a producer, an entrepreneur, and a mother. REVIGOR is the product of her insatiable appetite for clothes, textures, and storytelling.

As an entrepreneur in the 80s, Amy created Tactile Gear, which produced handmade purses and satchels. Many of those early designs influenced her ideas for REVIGOR today. To support Tactile Gear, Amy joined the founding team that helped launch the digital media revolution in San Francisco. The company was WIRED Magazine. Amy’s passion for storytelling and media became all-consuming, so she reluctantly had to retire Tactile Gear. Her next incarnation was Executive Producer at ZDTV, before moving to New York to help launch the Oxygen Network and establish herself as a digital expert in emerging media.

In 2010, Amy returned to her passion and created REVIGOR. It is the wonderful beginning to a new circle, where she is now able to show her clients how to tell their own stories through beautiful, resource-conscious reloved fashion.

Amy is available to consult with you, imagine and design wonderful pieces with your fabulous things and then work with world class crafts people and jewelers to REVIGOR them.

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